West Central District Office, Tainan City
West Central district Office, Tainan City movie
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Office Information:
¡]1¡^Location: No. 1, Kaishan Rd., Tainan City
¡]2¡^Tel: 06-2267151 (886-6-2267151)
¡]3¡^Fax: 06-2237480 (886-6-2237480)
¡]4¡^Office hours: 8:00 - 12:00 am, 1:30 - 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.
¡@¡@Services available throughout lunch break: Express services desk.

Contact Information

Unit Tel No. Fax No. E-mail
District Chief Office 06-2230027 06-2235708 zu520610@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Chief Secretary Office 06-2281546 06-2235708 0228@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Civil Affairs Section 06-2215980 06-2200365 d865653@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Social Affairs Section 06-2230720 06-2200365 ltcjohnblue@yahoo.com.tw
General Affairs Services Section 06-2232800 06-2237480 chiu2436@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Humanities Section 06-2236698 06-2218798 angel51@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Economic & Development Section 06-2221047 06-2235708 chiahao@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Personnel Office 06-2267151 06-2235708 ann100@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Accounting Office 06-2281557 06-2235708 tn9625@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Civil Service Ethics Office 06-2267151 06-2215017 06-2237480 monodar@mail.tainan.gov.tw
Library 06-2253933 -- tnmld2@tnml.tn.edu.tw


Organizational Chart:
The District Chief leads the district office with the Chief Secretary as the second in command. There are eight separate sections, namely, personnel office, accounting office, civil service ethics office, general affairs section, humanities section, economic & development section, social affairs section, and civil affairs section. The civil affairs section is further divided into the village office and mediation committee. The humanities section is responsible for the running of the library.

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Address¡G1st, Kai-shan Rd., Tainan City¡UTel¡G06-2267151¡]Telephone number-Main Line¡^¡U
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